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  • Just Posted: Thwarting the emergence of news deserts: Thwarting the emergence of news deserts: An update to our Fall 2016 report on the emergence of #USNewsDeserts. This report features new data from the largest comprehensive newspaper database in the country, new analysis of local coverage of elections and more!

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Over the past decade, a new media baron has emerged. Private equity funds, hedge funds and investment groups have swooped into to buy and manage newspapers. With the industry in distress and publishers struggling to adapt to the digital age, many communities are in danger of losing their primary source of local news and information. This report explores the long-ranging social, economic and political impact of this shift in ownership.

Technology and a Dramatically Changed Media Landscape
A Dramatically Changed Landscape

How the newspaper industry has changed over the past decade.
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The Rise of a New Media Baron
The Rise of a New Media Baron

How and when large investment firms came to own many of the nation’s newspapers.
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The Growing Threat of News Deserts to Journalism
The Growing Threat of News Deserts

Why there is a risk and where it is most prevalent.
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Saving Community Journalism in a Digital Age
Finding Solutions

Who and what can save community journalism in the digital age.
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“It’s pretty obvious, without newspapers around to cite, TV news would just be Wolf Blitzer endlessly batting a ball of yarn around. And it is not just news outlets. Stupid shows like Oz lean heavily on newspapers, in fact, whenever this show is called journalism, it’s a slap in the face to the actual journalists whose work we rely on.”
-John Oliver, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, August 7, 2016

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 Publisher David Woronoff discusses how the twice weekly Pilot in eastern NC launched a successful digital ad agency and what it has meant for his paper.


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